The Tutor Buddy Mission

Our mission is to make tutoring for each student an enjoyable experience. We believe that learning any topic, no matter how challenging, begins by understanding first principles. Guiding students to apply these principles and building their expertise at their own pace is our formula for success.

We at Tutor Buddy strive to offer more than just a learning experience. We recognize that each student is unique, and that challenges to tackling an academic question can be both cognitive and confidence-related. Accordingly, our philosophy is to address the following attributes:


At times, misunderstanding a question or problem can be the biggest barrier to solving it. Examples of this can arise when the question is long and case-oriented, or if a question asks to support an opinion. Our goal is to train students to read through the details and interpret the key points that are essential to solving all parts of a problem.


Strategy is a key to solving any problem. Our approach is to explore the student’s judgement and way of thinking, constructively evaluate them, and build on them. At the conclusion of the sessions, the goal would be for the student to have an enhanced skill set and more problem-solving tools.


Experience proves that confidence rises with the frequency of practice. Conversely, when study or practice is set aside for a while, the information begins to ‘recede’ from memory and confidence levels drop when attempting to return to questions after a period of time. For this reason, to maintain confidence, our tutors can assist students and advise them on a review schedule and a strategy for covering entire course material to keep each topic ‘fresh’ in memory.