Important Rules

Tutor Buddy has built a simple set of rules to ensure that tutors get paid in full, to protect the privacy of tutors and students, and to make our service fair for everyone. Please keep the following points in mind as you use Tutor Buddy:

  • Accepting payment directly from students is not allowed, and will prevent tutors from being successful on Tutor Buddy.
  • All communication with your students must take place through Tutor Buddy's messaging system. Do not exchange personal email addresses with your students.
  • Before phone numbers can be exchanged or lessons provided, a student must have a form of payment on file. At this time, we accept credit cards.

This policy ensures that you get paid for all lessons. Please note that tutors who violate these rules will be removed from the marketplace.


During the registration process, you’ll decide your own default hourly rates. Students pay for lessons via the Tutor Buddy platform prior to each lesson.

Tutors do not receive direct payment from students at any time. You’ll be paid 75% of your rate for each lesson, and Tutor Buddy will retain a 25% platform fee.

Since tutors listed on Tutor Buddy are independent, taxes and other fees will not be withheld from your payments.

Tutor payments are issued via direct deposit 5 to 7 business days after the tutorial session. If these days fall on a holiday or weekend, the deposit