Student Payment Policies

The Tutor Buddy Team

September 2021

It's easy to hire a tutor.

Our goal is to make your Tutor Buddy experience easy and fair. We want to simplify the process of hiring a tutor, not make it more difficult. Following are some principles to help make Tutor Buddy a pleasure for you to work with.

No commitments, no upfront costs

Payment method

Simple, transparent transactions

Unlimited customer support

No commitments, no upfront costs

Whether you need a tutor for the whole school year or just a one-time refresher, you can use Tutor Buddy as much or as little as you wish. You pay as you go for as many lessons as you need. There are no upfront costs to use Tutor Buddy to search for a tutor, and no upfront commitments.

Payment method

Tutor Buddy accepts two credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. With these payment options, Tutor Buddy has two very important policies:

a) You agree to maintain valid payment information. To be registered as a student, Tutor Buddy requires that you establish a valid form of payment in your Tutor Buddy account (active credit Visa or MasterCard). Please note that if a payment method is removed for any reason, your registration status will return to

‘incomplete’, and you will need to re-enter payment information to reactivate your registration. You pay the tutoring fee prior to the lesson, but Tutor Buddy releases the payment to your tutor only after lessons are completed. Both the tutor and student must record the lesson as complete on their respective portals.

b) All payments are initiated through the Tutor Buddy platform and completed through a 3rd party service provider where your information is encrypted. By using the Tutor Buddy website, you are agreeing to make all of your payments to tutors listed on Tutor Buddy through the Tutor Buddy system.

After adding a credit card, you may see a nominal amount (less than $3) authentication and immediate reversal on your credit card statement. This authentication verifies your account but does not charge your credit card.

If in processing the charge the transaction fails, Tutor Buddy will notify you and provide a period of time for you to amend or replace the invalid payment information.

Scheduling of sessions and timing of student payment

Student will receive a confirmation email from Tutor Buddy each time a tutor schedules a lesson. The email shows the lesson date, duration, tutor name and total charge. This scheduling information will also be shown on the student’s portal. Any questions with the hours reported should be discussed with the tutor who can then amend the lesson details. Tutor Buddy customer support is also available to help resolve discrepancies.

After the student and tutor agree on the terms of the session, student will initiate payment of tutor’s total charge (based on the tutor’s hourly rate). Tutor Buddy will keep the payment in escrow until the session is complete. For a session to be successfully recorded as complete, both tutor and student must record the session as complete on their respective portals. Once the session is registered as complete, Tutor Buddy will pass the payment to the tutor, less the platform fee. ** It is strongly recommended that tutor and student agree that the student pays immediately before the session starts (not earlier). This will minimize the amount of refunds (and associated 5% refund charge to the student) that occur as a result of session cancellations that occur after payment has been initiated by the student. Tutor and student are free to schedule a session any time before the session (e.g. hours or even days before the session), but it is advised that student payment be initiated

immediately before the session starts. This will allow time for possible session cancellations by the student or tutor before any upfront payment is made.

Remember, when you hire a tutor, you are entering into a business relationship directly with that tutor. Therefore, please consult with your tutor about his or her cancellation policy prior to beginning lessons. Tutors’ cancellation policies may also be listed on their profiles. Please inquire directly to tutors about any cancellation and no-show policies before scheduling a lesson.

If you are considering hiring a tutor for online tutoring, proofreading or other work, it’s important that you have a thorough conversation and reach an agreement with your tutor about the expectations of the cost and work product prior to beginning lessons.

Unlimited customer support

Tutor Buddy is dedicated to assist you and answer any questions that arise on any step of the tutoring process. We want to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at [email protected] for any reason.