Tutor Payment Policies

The Tutor Buddy Team

September 2021

By registering to be listed as a tutor on Tutor Buddy ("the website," "website," "tutorbuddy.ca"), you (“tutor”) agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through the Tutor Buddy system.

Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons

Tutor Buddy is a marketplace for those seeking tutoring services to connect with those seeking to provide tutoring services. Tutor Buddy also provides a service to its users whereby payments will be distributed to tutors that originate from their students. Tutor Buddy offers tutors a layer of protection in the collection of their funds, but to ensure that the correct payment will be successfully collected, processed and distributed to you, the following conditions must be met:

a) The information pertaining to the lesson is accurate. This includes the date, session duration, and student name. Unless otherwise agreed to by the tutor and student, the session duration will be considered to be the times of the actual online tutoring lesson.

b) Prior to each lesson being given, the student has on file with Tutor Buddy a valid form of payment (Visa or MasterCard credit card). As a safeguard for the tutor, if the student does not have (or removes) the form of payment, the student registration status will show as incomplete and the tutor will not be able to conduct tutoring sessions with that student. The requirement to verify payment information is the student’s responsibility and must be followed for continuing students as well as new students.

c) The lesson is delivered through the Tutor Buddy online tool.

d) The tutor's services are instructive and constitute learning, not cheating. More specifically, the tutor is not to complete assignments, write papers, take quizzes or otherwise do work on the student's behalf. Further, the services that the tutor offers must not violate the academic honesty policy or other conduct policies of the student's school, university, academic institution or workplace.

e) The tutor does not collect or request payment directly from the student by cash, check or otherwise, for the lesson.

f) The tutor is over 18 years old and is eligible to work in Canada.

**Session cancellations and student refund policy

It is strongly recommended that tutor and student agree that the student pays immediately before the session starts (not earlier). This will minimize the amount of refunds (and associated 5% refund charge to the student) that occur as a result of session cancellations that occur after payment has been initiated by the student. Tutor and student are free to schedule a session any time before the session (e.g. hours or even days before the session), but it is advised that student payment be initiated immediately before the session starts. This will allow time for possible session cancellations by the student or tutor before any upfront payment is made.

After the student and tutor agree on the terms of the session, student will initiate payment of tutor’s total charge (based on the tutor’s hourly rate). Tutor Buddy will keep the payment in escrow until the session is complete. For a session to be successfully recorded as complete, both tutor and student must record the session as complete on their respective portals. Once the session is registered as complete, Tutor Buddy will pass the payment to the tutor, less the platform fee.

Timing and delivery of payments

If all the Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons are met, tutors can expect to receive their funds 3-5 business days after the tutoring session is marked as complete by both the student and tutor on their respective portals. This time window accounts for the variation in time between when the funds are released by Tutor Buddy and made available to the tutor by the tutor’s bank. This is controlled by the tutor’s bank, not by Tutor Buddy. If a tutor's direct deposit is returned to Tutor Buddy by the tutor's bank, Tutor Buddy will request that the tutor correct the tutor’s bank information. The returned funds will be resent within five (5) days after the bank

information is corrected. If there are questions about any of the conditions, payments may be delayed while Tutor Buddy attempts to resolve the questions.

Calculation of tutor payment amounts

a) Tutors set their own hourly rate and may change it at any time. Student and tutor must be in agreement as to the Tutor’s effective rate at the time the student signs up for the lesson. To track any disputes (if any), student and tutor are strongly encouraged to use Tutor Buddy’s messaging system to facilitate all communication.

b) All tutors agree to a flat 25% Platform Fee. The 25% fee percentage will apply to lessons with all students for lessons that are submitted on or after September 1, 2021. This means that 75% of the tutor’s submitted hourly rate will be distributed to the tutor.

c) Non-tutoring charges may be incorporated into the tutor’s hourly rate. This may include travel, prep time or other expenses that should first be agreed to by the student. The mechanism to assess these charges is to adjust the hourly rate. All costs associated with tutoring students who retain the tutor through the Tutor Buddy platform must go through the site.